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Mountain Skills 2 Course

Date: 28th February & 1st March 2009
Location: County Wicklow

Peter fine-tunes his map-reading

Peter fine-tunes his map-reading

Eoin and Peter completed their Mountain Skills 2 Course over the weekend. The main aim of this course was to fine-tune what was learned in the first course through navigating at night and also dealing with steep terrain.

On the first day our group of six set out from Glenmalure at mid-day and headed south along the Wicklow Way with our instructor, Bren Whelan. The first few hours were spent going back over things done on Mountain Skills 1 by learning to identify more specific features on the map and experimenting with timing distances walked over varying inclines.

By the time we reached Croaghanmoira, the visibility became quite poor and as dark descended, we turned on our head torches and slowly (and successfully) navigated our way back to Glenmalure for 9.30pm. Thankfully we managed to get through the day without any rain.

The rush was then on to get changed and meet up with the others who were already getting tucked into their main course in the Wicklow Heather Restaurant in Laragh. There were eleven of us in total for dinner, with six of these having done the Mountain Skills 1 course.

Day Two of the course saw us meet up at the earlier time of 10.15am at the Wicklow Gap. We met Louise, our instructor for the day. She brought us through how to plan a route on the map by carefully examining the contour lines. We gradually made our way across the steep terrain around the back of the ESB power station and then climbed up to the saddle between Cammaderry and Turlough Hill. We made the easier descent back to the car-park via the private road from the reservoir at the top of the mountain.

On the way down we discussed other important topics to do with mountaineering such as hypothermia and mountain rescue. Unfortunately after Lorraine’s accident on Stephen’s Day, we didn’t really have a lot to learn about mountain rescue. We finished the course at 4.15pm and all but managed to avoid the rain but for the last five minutes.

Roll Call: Eoin and Peter.

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